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Walking in Oakland

A daily, limited-run newsletter

Inspired by Craig Mod's idea of a "pop-up newsletter," I'm sending a short newsletter every day from October 1 to October 31.

Since Mod's work revolves around walking, and since, for reasons too tedious to describe here, I won't have a car for a while, this newsletter is about walks. You'll see a little bit of daily life in north Oakland, and the greater Bay Area by foot and public transit.

It's also about my dog and his walks, the other places I've walked, and our relationship to our built environments.

The rules are:

  1. Every day in October, I will send an e-mail to this list
  2. The e-mail will contain no more than 500 words
  3. The e-mail will contain a photograph

Once the newsletter run is over, I'll send one last e-mail with some information about where else to find me, and then delete this list.

Oh, and if you like this idea, tell your friends.

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